Our Process

“What is Subcritical CO2?”

Subcritical CO2 is Carbon Dioxide in Liquid Form

“Why is it better than Supercritical CO2?”

Lower temperatures and lower pressures deliver the best profile available

Here at CannaVentures, we farm our own cultivars, and we also partner with other local farmers to help them build sustainable business models. We offer a top notch option for preserving hard work by using our boutique extraction process, resulting in amazing “crude” oils. (We don’t see our oils as crude, because they don’t really need any refinement to be amazing) We test all of our batches for full panel results, ensuring safety and quality. We offer top notch oil refinements such as distillation and remediation as well, because those are important processing components for our industry. We then formulate products and produce small batches of them for small companies, but we don’t stop there. We also have the capability to produce large quantities of cGMP certified and FDA registered products using our true-to-plant extracts. We are a good fit no matter your scale, level of refinement, or market niche requirements. If you would like more information about our services or our processes, visit the other pages to fill out a form or download our 2020 White Label catalogue.