CannaVentures of West Virginia

Owned and operated by third generation farmers, CannaVentures is located in the heart of Appalachia. We are dedicated to producing the finest cannabis oils available with an unparalleled craft approach.

Industry Leading Technology and Equipment

We utilize precision equipment designed to deliver consistent, yet batch-unique results. Not all hemp is created equal, so why should it processed that way?

Boutique is Unique

We use Subcritical CO2 to extract amazing concentrates, creating truly strain specific profile definition. Our minimally processed CBDa concentrates set us apart from the “industrial” nature of hemp processing. while also meeting the downstream processing demands of a continually evolving industry.

Our Oils

All Extracts must be diluted to meet federal requirements and contain less than .3% Delta-9 THC. Please inquire for custom formulations.


(Refined Full Spectrum Oil)

-Non-winterized (contains <10% Waxes)


-60%+ CBDa

-70%+ Total Cannabinoids 


(Decarbed Full Spectrum Oil)



-65%+ CBD

-74%+ Total Cannabinoids


(Full Spectrum Distillate)

-75-85% CBD

-85-95% Total Cannabinoids

-Low Degradation 

-Precision Process 


(Broad Spectrum Distillate)

-80%+ CBD

-85-95% Total Cannabinoids 

-THC Free 

CBDa Crystals 

-Full Spectrum

-81% CBDa

-Delta-9 THC Compliant 

-Solven-tless Process